Welcome to Apostolic Tabernacle

Apostolic Tabernacle is a church located in the city of Merced, CA. Our atmosphere is warm and inviting while our messages are challenging and engaging. Our goal is for Apostolic Tabernacle to be a place where you can connect with people, hear unchanging Truth in a way that is clear and compelling and know that you are welcome from the moment you arrive.

When do you Meet?

Our service schedule is as follows:

Sunday School 10AM
Sun. Spanish Service 10 AM
Sun. Morning Worship 11 AM
Sun. Hmong Service 1:30
Sun. Evening Worship 6:30 PM
Wed. Bible Study 7:30 PM
Thur. Spanish Service 7 PM

We also meet outside the church in Friendship Groups at various homes of church members. Our youth and young adult groups meet outside of church as well for a time of fellowship and the Word.

What should I Expect during a Service?

Music – Part of our gathering includes singing songs to and about Jesus. We ask you to focus on the words. Contemplate the truths we are singing. As you learn them, please join in singing.

Message – Our services includes a time of preaching from the Bible. We believe the Bible to be God’s Word – our guide for faith and life. As you listen, consider how you might need to be shaped by the truth you are hearing.

Tithes and Offerings – If you are our guest, we are grateful that you are here and do not expect you to participate in giving. Our members and regular attenders give in the offering plates.

Need a ride to church? Click here for more information.

What about Children?

We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord and want to provide an environment where they will connect with Jesus best. For more information about our Children's ministries, click here.
What about Youth?

We have various ministries and groups targeted to young people from ages 12-30. Fore more information about our Youth ministries, click here.
How do I get Connected?

Here @ AT, we want to be a family—this means that we want to walk in community. Part of how we do this is through our Friendship Groups. If you are interested in joining a group, click here.

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